english-speaking Psychotherapist in Gran Canaria


My name is Gustavo Pérez, and I'm an english-speaking certified and licensed (# P-01523) clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in Gran Canaria (Las Palmas de GC), properly trained and experienced. This is my online professional presentation, to inform you about my services.


Dr. Juan de Padilla 26, 1º Dcha

Las Palmas de GC

644 426 326 whatsapp psychologist las palmas

Detailed info

You can check here all the relevant information about me, my professional qualifications and 26 y. experience as a psychotherapist, and about my office (map, pictures). Reach me by e-mail / whatsapp /phone if you need further information or want to make an appointment.

firma gustavo psicologo

What is psychotherapy?

searching for help

Psychotherapy is about helping people change. Change means something different for every person, and also at different times. Of course, it's up to you to define your particular need of change (though I can help you at figuring it out if that happens to be the problem).

I'll give you any needed feedback before we decide if, how and what to work on (by the way, I have my own private practice; no agreement with health insurance companies, but check if yours accepts partial or total reimbursement).

I try to keep an integrative perspective, using flexible updated cognitive-behavioral approaches combined with constructivist-humanistic ones (but notice i'm not a psychiatrist, so I don't deal with medications). We can work on clinical issues, or on personal growth/adjustment demands. I will try to adapt myself to your specific needs of change in the way that better suits you.