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My name is Gustavo Pérez Domínguez. Born (1968) and raised in the Canary Islands, I graduated from High School in the USA in 1986, after a whole school-year there. I spent some time working and travelling abroad, and I graduated as a psychologist from the Univ. of Salamanca (Spain) in 1993.

At the end of '93, the Ministry of Health called the first nationwide exam ever to enter residency training programs at hospitals to qualify as clinical psychologists; I came out Nr. 1 and decided to move to the best available position, Hospital Clinic in Barcelona.


I lived there from early 1994 to late 2009: for the first 3 years, I was trained at the prestigious Hospital Clinic; followed by a brief period working there. Afterwards, I moved to the Psychiatry Research Unit in Hospital del Mar, Barcelona, to do high-level research (see CV) on personality and anxiety disorders, along with public assistance (1998-2002), plus some teaching projects. Meanwhile, I had started to hold a private practice in 1997, and I expanded my training to wider and deeper humanistic oriented resources (gestalt, existentialist, constructivist therapy and mindfulness).

In 2002, I decided to quit the public health system and focus in my own private practice, working at two different offices in Barcelona (Galton & Aribau 88; later on Zenttral). In late 2009, my family and I decided to move back to Gran Canaria.

Current associate of PAIME program (mental health assistance to members of College of Physicians Las Palmas)

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I consider my approach to psychotherapy a flexible, consensual and integrative one, combining resources from cognitive-behavioral models, experiential therapies, and mindfulness orientations, with a humanistic perspective, and a balanced, honest and respectful tone (also: I'm not into psychoanalysis, child therapy, or forensic reports).

Though not exactly bilingual, I've been successfully conducting psychotherapies in english for the last 20 years.